IDC Prep – How?

So, now you’ve got your stuff, right?   What’s next to prepare for the PADI Instructor Development Course?

There are several things you need to do before the Instructor Development Course (IDC).

  1. Complete the PADI IDC eLearning program.   Go to and click on the eLearning link at the very top of the screen.  Click on the link to Purchase an eLearning course, and select Instructor Development from the Course list.   There is a fee for this, separate from the IDC tuition, etc.
  2. (Optional) Complete PADI’s Dive Theory Online.   If you think you’re solid on Dive Theory–Equipment, Dive Skills and the Environment, PADI’s Recreational Dive Planner(RDP), Dive Physics and Dive Physiology, you might be able to skip this.  If you’re a bit rusty or none of these topics sound familiar, PADI’s Dive Theory Online is the way to go.   Again, go to and click on eLearning.  Click on the link to purchase an eLearning course and then select Dive Theory.  NOTE:   The Theory Online program does not count towards the Dive Theory exams at the PADI Instructor Exams.   With that said, most instructor candidates do better on the Theory exams by preparing with Theory Online.
  3. Make sure your skills are ready.   If you’ve a copy of the 2010 PADI Divemaster DVD, there is a skills preview showing what demonstration quality skills look like.  If you can’t pick up a copy, try searching for skill demonstrations.   The key to demonstration quality skills are that they are slow, exaggerated and point out the details of the skill: they make it look easy.
  4. Review:  Look at your Rescue Diver and Divemaster manuals again.   Focus on accident prevention and recognition.  Pay close attention to group control that you learned in Divemaster.
  5. If you have questions, contact a PADI Course Director for advice or a pre-IDC tune-up.


During the PADI  IDC eLearning, you’ll go through several presentations and will complete some business of diving worksheets.  So, you’ll need to have your PADI IDC CrewPak handy.


Again, you need to have the eLearning completed before the IDC starts.   We rely on it heavily during the IDC and the work you do during the eLearning is used during the IDC.