Into the Chamber

Wow! We had our first patient today. Gentleman with mild Type II DCS (decompression sickness with neurological symptoms) and in stable condition. Class was suspended while we received a briefing on the patient and instructions on how to work in the chamber. A quick discussion about using a Table 6 for the diver. Ron supervised operations outside and was ready to lock in if we had problems. As for the newbie tenders, three of us tended the patient. Mark was first, with the press to 60fsw and the first hour. Then, Brooks locked in. Shortly after that, they ascended to 30 fsw for about 75-90 minutes. I had the last portion, lasting about 105 minutes. For the first time as tenders, it was an awesome experience. Time in the chamber and an intro into how to run the chamber from outside. Very cool stuff.

Here I am locking out at the end of the run.