DAN Instructor

Are you a dive leader that wants to make sure your divers are safe?   Becoming a DAN Instructor is definitely the way to go.

DAN Instructors are trained to teach programs specifically for diving related accidents.  If you’re a scuba instructor, these are great programs to complement your Rescue Diver training.   Divemasters can become DAN Instructors and offer additional training to the divers they supervise and they’ll also have more opportunities working with instructors.

The DAN Instructor Qualification Course is made up of two or more segments.   The first is the core segment that covers topics general to all DAN courses.   The additional segments are course-specific and may include:

Basic Life Support & First Aid

Oxygen First Aid for Scuba (including Advanced skills such as a bag valve mask, BVM, and a manually triggered ventillator, MTV)

Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

On-Site Neurological Exam for Divers

Dive Medicine for Divers (three levels)

…and several others.

[Note: this list has been revised to reflect DAN’s new training curriculum launched in 2011.]

What does it cost?   Anywhere from $250 up to $1500, depending on classes and materials.

What are the prerequisites?    Dive Leader (Divemaster, DiveCon or higher), CPR/First Aid Instructor (or complete the Basic Life Support/First Aid module).



I’m currently offering several programs during 2012 (and one more before the end of 2011).   Consult the course schedule to the right, or click here.    Please contact me if you have any questions.