IDC Prep – Stuff

Ok, you’ve decided to enter the awesome world of being a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.   Now what?  You need materials for your PADI IDC.

PADI IDC Materials

* A PADI Instructor CrewPak.   This contains many, but not all resources for starting out as an instructor.   Some of the key things we use during Instructor Development are PADI’s Guide to Teaching, Specialty Instructor Guides and slates.  PADI’s Guide To Teaching includes teaching techniques, philosophy and important resources on how to put together teaching presentations.    The Specialty Instructor guides include presentation outlines that can be used for teaching presentations.  PADI’s lesson preparation slates and PADI’s instructor cue cards are for guiding teaching presentations in confined and open water.


* A current PADI Instructor manual.   This is a free download for current PADI members (Divemaster and above).   I’m a bit old fashioned and I like to have a paper copy, too.   That way I can jot notes and add little sticky notes to mark important sections.   The Instructor manual has key standards for a lot of PADI programs [almost everything other than PADI Specialties].


* Current copies of student materials.  In Instructor Development, you need these to prepare presentations.  In the real world, you need them so you know what your students are learning from so you can help them master scuba knowledge.  Which manuals?   PADI’s Open Water Diver manual, PADI Adventures in Diving, PADI Rescue Diver and the newly revised PADI Divemaster manual (revised in 2010).

* You might also want a laptop or a netbook.   Great place to keep copies of your instructor manual and other digital products.  If you opt to use PADI’s Lesson Guides (powerpoint presentations), you’ll need a computer for that.   Trust me, the lesson guides make your life easy.  Also, you can use products like the Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad to read/search your instructor manual and other resources that are in PDF format.


If you’re not already a CPR/First Aid Instructor, you should consider becoming an Emergency First Response Instructor.   I often integrate this into my Instructor Development Courses.   There are additional materials, tuition and fee requirements.   For more information about the EFR Instructor course and materials, contact Jon.