IDC Cost

I often get asked this question.   What will it does the IDC Cost or what does it cost to become an instructor?   The vague answer is “it depends.”

Roughly, to go from Divemaster to Instructor costs about $3000-$4000.   Don’t panic!   This is why I include a Business of Diving workshop during my Instructor Development Programs and we figure out how you can get a return on this investment.

Where does the money go?

* IDC Tuition

* IDC eLearning

* Instructor Exam fee

* Instructor Application

* Instructor Development CrewPak

* Additional student materials (if you need updated manuals, etc)

* Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor materials

* EFR Instructor course tuition

* EFR Instructor Application
After that, there are some ongoing costs, most notably PADI membership dues (well worth it) and liability insurance come up every year.   Also, plan on periodically needing to revise your materials.   [Yet another topic in my Business of Diving workshop.]

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Remember, you’re starting a grand adventure! Live the dream!