10 Questions on Dive Theory

How’s your knowledge of Dive Theory?   For that matter, what is Dive Theory?

For new PADI Instructors, Dive Theory encompasses dive equipment, physics, physiology, dive planning with the Recreational Dive Planner and general dive skills and the environment.   Take this short 10 question quiz on Dive Theory to test your knowledge in these areas.


I’ll be posting longer dive theory quizzes focused on only one topic throughout the rest of the year.   Check back to test your dive theory knowledge.   Want to learn more about Dive Theory?  Try PADI’s Dive Theory Online course.


Dive Theory - Physics, Physiology, Dive Planning, Equipment & the dive environment

Here are ten questions on Dive Theory.   They cover the same topics that PADI Instructors have to know to pass the PADI Instructor Examination.  How’s your knowledge of Dive Theory?