What are people saying

Here are a few of the things people have said about me and the training I offer:



Sanjar K., Discover Scuba Experience program


“So, again, thank you for the thorough training and giving me the skills necessary to observe and monitor her actions, helping to prevent a preventable diver emergency.”     Adam G., Rescue Diver


“Just wanted to let you know that you did a good job, I have kept up with diving (as vacations allow), but have had some amazing dives in Thailand (the trip you got me certified for) as well as Indonesia, Tobago, all over the Caribbean, Florida, Venezuela, (Los Roques), Galapagos, and lots of other places, with more in the near future.  Just looked at my PADI card and thought I’d see what you’re up to, looks like you’re doing well for yourself, glad to see it, you were a good instructor.  Take care and thanks for getting me diving, been one of my favorite things in life.”    Rob B., Open Water Diver

I’m still a PADI Divemaster and loving every minute of it. I’ve been lucky enough to work as a Divemaster in several states. I’ve done everything from Discover Scuba to leading underwater tours. I’m currently working with a Master Scuba Instructor helping with Open Water classes, Con Ed and everything in between. This allows me to dive several times a week. Last weekend I was leading underwater tours in San Carlo Mexico. This weekend was back to Open Water classes at the lake.”   Paul S., Divemaster

“Jon’s IDC program is a program to remember, not only do the candidates walk away from his course with the knowledge and confidence to walk out of the Instructor Examination successful, but he also prepares them for real-world teaching and how to produce awesome future divers. Jon cares about each of his candidates by providing a comfortable learning environment where each person can focus on their strengths and improve their weak areas. He makes the class fun, time flies when we are having fun. He gives the candidates the chance to try out different teaching styles and explains where each style is best utilized for the varieties of students out there. Jon gives his staff the opportunities to hone in their skills and guide them on how to improve their grading scores and teaching techniques.”   Mary B., Course Director