SCUBA Quizzes

Time to check up on your diving knowledge. Try out one or all of these scuba quizzes.

Dive Theory Quizzes

Remember your Open Water Diver Course? Check out the Open Water Diver Quiz to see what you remember

Open Water Quiz

Time for a quick quiz from your Open Water Diver training.

How’s your knowledge of Dive Safety?

Dive Safety Quiz

How safe are you?

Can you respond in a medical emergency? Check your CPR & First Aid knowledge

CPR & First Aid

Test your knowledge of CPR and First Aid with this quick quiz

How about your knowledge of the environment and steps you can take to make a positive impact?

#10Tips4Divers Quiz

Check your eco-knowledge with this quick quiz about Project AWARE’s #10Tips4Divers

If you were a tropical fish, what would it be?

What type of tropical fish are you?