Roatan–Day 2

Day 2 on the island...natives getting restless.  We can hear them making their war chants and sharpening spears.  I guess that might just be the folks in the kitchen making more awesome food, though.  :)

Kona was bouncing yesterday on the way here.   She's an awesome traveler, though.  

We took a walk down the beach to AKR.  No dolphin show today. :(   The walk, though, was pretty  awesome.  We found a small tide pool with a ton of hermit crabs and other life.   We could probably spend hours just watching them.

It's interesting to compare AKR with BB.  AKR is a much larger resort and has a corporate feel to it.  BB is significantly smaller and is a lot friendlier.  Nothing quite compares with the owner suggesting what you should have for dinner.

As we were walking back along the paved road (not suggested, btw), it started to rain a bit.  After we made it back, the skies opened up.  Coming from a desert, it was a pretty big storm.  During that, though, the power was out.  Good reason to pack a flashlight, since it's pretty dark in side with the cloud cover.


Kona and I went snorkeling off the dock.   This was her first time in the ocean and I think she had a great time.  I know I did.   Swarm of juvenile fish right as we entered.  Then we snorkeled out to the reef.  As we crossed a sandy patch, we saw lots of starfish.  Then, the coral.  Fish everywhere.  I should have had my camera, but since it was Kona's first venture into the ocean, not this time.  For those of us used to fresh water viz, viz was stellar.  [It was a great example of what happens to the dive environment after a rain storm though, as the turbidity from runoff was obvious.]