EMT completed, on to DMT

Woohoo!!!   EMT-B is complete!   We ended the course with a 150 question written exam on Thursday.   While the exam wasn’t trivial, preparation paid off.   I finished the exam fairly quickly.  As Ron was over at the chamber running a treatment, when I finished I took my exam over to ask a couple of questions (burn dressings & sucking chest wounds).   Then he asked if I wanted to finish the treatment and he’d go back to class.  Somewhere between cool and nerve wracking.  He left me alone to treat a patient.

Now that we have the prerequisites done, DMT starts on Monday.   IV’s, gas laws, Navy treatment tables, chest tubes—the fun stuff.  😉

Ron shared some great (sometime gory) stories during the EMT program.  Benefits of 30+ years as a firefighter/emt in the states.   While I doubt I’ll ever ride on an ambulance, the stories about practical application were invaluable.

[Oh, yeah..I did pass the written exam.  😉 ]