IV part I

Ok…what can be better than playing with sharp things?   How about sterile sharp things and sticking them in hands and arms (albeit training aids and not “live tissue”)?

IV practice…a trifle intimidating to get everything together, do things in the correct order and maintain sterility the entire time.   Now, why does a dive medic need to know how to provide an IV?  The most common is probably to rehydrate the injured diver.  Funny thing–divers tend to be dehydrated, dehydration impacts circulation and increases the risk of DCS and can complicate treatment.  So, for rapid fluid replacement, time do put in an IV.

After a bit of practice, it seemed easier.   Then again, they’re just training arms & hands…not real.   Just wait until IV part II–I found out “live tissue” is a different story altogether.  I’ve new respect for all of the pros that have stuck my vein the first time.