Looking for some good scuba reading?

If you’re like me, scuba is a big part of your life.   I also love to read.   Unfortunately, I rarely read good fiction that accurately and safely describes scuba diving.   Look no further!   My friend, Eric Douglas, is both a talented writer and a scuba instructor.  Eric has an interesting history with a background in journalism, scuba instruction and working for both PADI and DAN.   He’s written four adventure novels (available on Kindle, so you can get them right now) around “Mike Scott” a photojournalist and part-time adventure-hero.

Eric’s most recent novel, “Wreck of the Huron” is set against the historical sinking of the USS Huron in the 1870’s while en route to Cuba.  He’s woven an intricate story of intrigue and conspiracy with a fictional organization trying to help destabilize Spain’s government whilst it’s involved in the Cuban revolution.   Excellent read, but be prepared to lose some sleep–I did!