IDC 2013–Day 1

Today, we started the first PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) of 2013 at Dive Utah.   So far, it’s shaping up to be an interesting program.   Two instructor candidates and one IDC Staff Instructor candidate, all with professional educator backgrounds.   We’ll also be merging some existing PADI Assistant Instructor candidates into the program.


Today, we started with the orientation presentation followed by Dive Theory exams.   Dive Theory, encompassing Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Recreational Dive Planner & Dive Planning and Dive Skills and the Environment, can be a bit of a hurdle for some candidates.    PADI’s Dive Theory Online is a great way to prepare.   Some other tools include old (pre-2009) Divemaster Exams (find an Instructor that kept the materials, like me), Diving Knowledge Workbook from PADI and the PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving.   The Encyclopedia is just that, an encyclopedia.   It’s an excellent reference text, but perhaps not the best teaching text.   You need to use the Diving Knowledge Workbook with the Encyclopedia.

We wrapped up today reviewing the Dive Theory exams and talking about tomorrow.   Tomorrow holds General Standards & Procedures (perhaps with “Fabulous Prizes”), Developing Knowledge Development Presentations, candidates actually delivering presentations and, one of my favorites, a Project AWARE Workshop.   We’ll spend time looking at Project AWARE and how important it is to diving professionals.   The ocean is my office…don’t make a mess in it!

Time to start working on paperwork…a Course Director’s job is never done.   😉


Happy Diving!