GoPro!   Become a dive professional and make the ocean your office.


What does it take to become a dive professional?   A deep commitment?  A love of the underwater world?   A desire to share the adventure of exploration?   All of that!

Let’s take a look at the career path options:

  1. Open Water Diver   (everybody has to start somewhere)
  2. Advanced Open Water (expand your skills…sample the things divers do for fun)
  3. Rescue Diver (learn how to prevent and respond to problems)
  4. Specialties  and Master Scuba Diver (while optional, highly recommended; explore those fun things in more depth)
  5. Divemaster–the first rung of the professional ladder.   Guide groups of divers and assist with classes.   Individual and group management skills.
  6. Assistant Instructor–learn how to teach in the classroom, the pool and in open water
  7. Instructor(OWSI)–take your teaching skills further and explore the courses you can teach as an Instructor
  8. Specialty Instructor–learn how to teach specialty areas of diving, sharing your passion with new divers.
  9. Master Scuba Diver Trainer(MSDT)–An instructor than can teach in five specialty areas and has shown their teaching ability by issuing 25 diver certifications.
  10. IDC Staff Instructor–an assistant to a Course Director; involved in all aspects of training new Assistant Instructors and Instructors.
  11. Master Instructor–demonstrated ability to teach at all levels, Open Water through Assistant Instructor and has issues 150 or more certifications at those various levels
  12. Course Director–Instructor Trainer, trains new instructors to teach scuba
  13. Specialty Instructor Trainer–a Course Director that can train new Specialty Instructors


As you can see, the path is as long as you want it to be and as varied as you want.   Start your adventure today!

Look at the 2012 GoPro schedule to see where you want to go this year.