Q&A Wednesday: How long does my certification last?

Several people have asked about how long their certifications last or what to do if their professional ratings lapse. Here’s a short summary:

PADI Diver Certifications (Open Water Diver, Advanced, Rescue Diver, etc)
These ratings, once earned, are yours for life. That said, just like we teach in the PADI Open Water Diver course, if you are not regularly diving, you should seek a refresher before resuming diving. Typically, if you’ve not been diving for several months, 3-6 as a new diver, 6-12 as an experienced diver, you should take a refresher from a PADI Pro.

Emergency First Response (EFR) Provider
CPR and First Aid skills, unless regularly practiced, deteriorate quickly. It is recommended that you take a refresher every 24 months at a minimum and practice your skills between refreshers.

PADI Professional Ratings
PADI Professional ratings require that you (1) keep current on standards and (2) pay your PADI membership dues. If you let your membership lapse, you’re no longer a PADI member and won’t receive member benefits, such as updates via email and the Training Bulletin provided in the Undersea Journal. For Instructors, if you let your membership lapse for less than three(3) years, you probably will only need to renew and complete an online update. If it is longer than that, you may need retraining. [This is subject to change. If you have questions, please contact PADI Training.]

Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor
EFR Instructors also need to stay current and renew their membership. EFR membership renewal had been biannual, but that is changing to an annual structure. While not required, it is highly suggested you teach frequently to maintain your skills.

Divers Alert Network provider certifications
DAN providers, like EFR providers, need to refresh their skills every 24 months at a minimum. More frequent practice is highly recommended.

DAN Instructor ratings
DAN Instructors need to teach a minimum of one class every 24 months to maintain their rating. They also need to complete one of each class they can teach every 48 months to retain that rating. Letting the course currency lapse or your DAN membership lapse means you can’t teach those courses.

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